Tabernacle Christian Academy (TCA) was founded in 1984 to provide a Christian alternative to the public school. TCA has classes from Kindergarten through 12th grade. We use A Beka curriculum. TCA is a place where children can get a quality education and will be encouraged to develop Christian character.

The school is part of our church ministry dedicated to the purpose of training children for Christian leadership. We have several objectives in the education of your children.


Registration Fees

   K-12th grade $100


Curriculum Charge

  K3-K4  $150

  K5   $200

1st -8th grade   $250

9th - 12th grade  $300


Tuition Rates

  K3-K4 $1800 (1/2 day option)

  K -12th grade  $2,200 (full day)


Family Discounts

   Second child   $1,750

  Third child   $850

  Fourth child  $400

  Additional child  $150 each

  Tithing Tabernacle Baptist Church members receive 10% discount


Payment Plans

   1 Payment paid in full - 10% discount of Tuition received by August 1

  10 Equal Payments of (1/10) Tuition per month August through May

  Tuition Payments are due by the 1st of each month if you choose the monthly payment plan.  You can pay by credit card via Paypal. There will be a $25 late fee for bills not paid by the 15th.


Gym Fee

  $10/month grades 1-5

  $17/month for 6th – 12th



Admission procedures are as follows:

1. Interview with the parents and child.

2. Application is submitted with registration fee and curriculum charge.

3. Diagnostic tests may be given for placement of student.

4. Parents must sign a statement indicating their knowledge of and willingness to abide by disciplinary standards of Tabernacle Christian Academy, including our dress code.

5. Parents will also sign a statement indicating their child will attend all planned school activities, chapel services, field trips, fundraisers, etc. Students will not be excused from school functions.

6. All students will be required to faithfully attend their local church. This must be verified by obtaining the signature of the pastor on a form provided by the school. Activity reports will be filled out each week by the student. Minimum requirements must be met to maintain enrollment. If a student becomes slack or unfaithful in his church attendance the first offense will be a letter from the administration sent home to the parent. The second offense will result in a conference with the parents and the administration. The third offense will result in expulsion of the student.

7. Minimum requirements for church attendance will be that each student must attend at least one half of their church services for the month.



Boys:  Khaki pants, blue TCA oxford or polo

K4-2nd Girls:  Khaki skirts, blue TCA oxford or polo

3rd-12th Girls:  Khaki skirts, blue TCA oxford or polo

Uniforms are ordered from French Toast. Our school code on their website is: QS5QQRS.

Gym uniform:  TCA gym shirts and pants are ordered through the school. Culottes are ordered through Carmelita Durham 858-1210.


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